Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Cheated on Me with Choreography. And That is the Worst Kind.

I really don't know why I have not yet blogged about Modern Family

It's genius, really.  My pal Ashley had been trying to get me to watch it shortly after it premiered last year, and I'm glad I finally came around.  Normally I shudder at "family" comedies and sometimes really wanted to sue the vile CBS because everybody does not love Raymond.  But Modern Fam is different.  Because it's actually funny.  And it's on ABC on Wednesday nights at 9/8 Central.

TV veteran Ed O'Neill plays Jay Dunphy, the patriarch of this crazy extended family.  He marries the spicy, much younger Gloria, who has a (hilarious!) son named Manny.  His daughter Claire (Julie Bowen, also a vet) is married to the delightful Phil, and they have three children.  Then there's Mitchell, the son/brother who, with his partner Cam, have adopted the adorable Lily.

The show has already racked up Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series.  If you're not watching yet, click here to see a bit.  You won't be sorry.

Oh.  This post was going to be about last night's episode, in which they celebrate Manny's birthday at Maggiano's, which I also love.  But I decided to make this an official endorsement.  Enjoy!


  1. I've never seen Modern Family but I see quite a lot written about it in TV guides etc. Thanks for the reco to actually watch, T! Hope you are well.

  2. Tommy, you wouldn't believe how much stuff we miss out on over here in Germany -- lots of US series never make it over here, or, when they do, it AGES later and one can already buy the DVD (e.g. Mad Men). Anyway, Modern Fmaily is apparently something to look out for -- thanks for the rec!
    Have a great weekend,