Monday, August 17, 2009

I Only Wanna Share It With You...

Confession: I have never been a huge 80s music fan. Several of my friends are quite appalled by this fact, but I stand by it. I am all 90s, all the way. However, there are definitely some jewels in the 80s crown, and Heart has to be right in the middle.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of accompanying my friend Holly to see Heart at the Memphis Botanic Garden, and wow--what a show! Sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson are pushing 60, but they turned it out like I have not seen before. They played every song, including rock gems, classic ballads, and excellent covers of the likes of Led Zeppelin, with gusto and...well...what else? heart!

Songs included most of their hits, like "These Dreams," "Magic Man," and "Barracuda." Did you know that their hit "Crazy On You" is featured on Guitar Hero?! Holly was right; they totally ripped off Nancy's signature kick move.

But my favorite tune of the night was "What About Love." It's one of those seminal 80s songs that is just epic. When I think of music from that time, this is one of the songs that sticks in my mind. It's undoubtedly on every Time Life compilation from that decade. Don't let it slip away, people. Don't. Click that link and let me share it with you.


  1. You have me watching Heart and I love it! This is a slippery, slippery slope you've got me on Tommy!!

  2. I am so jealous! I love Heart! (and virtually every 80's band you can name...LOL)

  3. I'm another friend who loves the 80's. I tried to get tkts to see Heart in Nashville the Tuesday after Labor Day with no luck. We almost bought tickets to see Journey & Heart in Louisville this Friday night but we were just closed for the Atlanta show. Now I'm wishing we had. Glad you got to see them.

  4. Sounds like such a fun show! I've never gone, but I have a bunch of friends who LOVE hair bangers ball (all 80's cover band)... it seems you either love or hate the 80's genre!