Saturday, August 29, 2009


I don't think so. Today is about relaxing and recuperating, and to that end, I have a pile of magazines that aren't going to read themselves.

I do subscribe to several, and when I can't (or don't) get to them for a few weeks, I sort of feel overwhelmed. But a day like this makes that go away.

On the agenda are a few issues of New York Magazine (thanks again, K!), GQ (totally tacky cover about Michael Jackson), Real Simple, and a few catalogs. I am going to get a notepad, pen, and glass of water and just settle in. Usually I'm looking to write down new websites as well as bands, books, and movies. The variety of publications before me ensures a range of new discoveries.

Do you subscribe to any magazines?


  1. I love magazines and never, ever have or take the time to read them. They pile up and then I get frustrated and send them to be recycled. I love them though. I currently have a few subscriptions remaining and I carefully stacked those on the table in hopes of reading them this week. *sigh* My work is never done.

  2. this post makes me want to subscribe to more magazines. i miss the old days when i would use sundays to catch up on magazines. LOVE your idea of writing down new websites.