Thursday, August 6, 2009

Purdy Ducks

I saw this commercial the other day and freaked out just a little. Not only is it flippin' baby ducks, but it's also a very good song by Joe Purdy. If you're not familiar with his low-key, simple but moving music, then you should change that on the double.

He's had music on soundtracks, most notably Grey's Anatomy and LOST, and a Kia commercial ("Just Can't Seem To Get It Right Today"), but I recommend getting familiar by the time you finish reading this post. You can play all of his music for free right here. And I'm not talking 30 second samples. It's full songs, full CDs. This seems rare for musicians today, especially independent ones.

When I worked on campus, I would pull that page up in a different window and just listen for hours at a time at a very reasonable volume. I hope you enjoy.


  1. Tommy, I love your taste in music; so many of the artists on your profile are also favorites of mine! Joe Purdy is another fanstic recommendation- keep them coming!!

  2. I hate when a commercial makes me cry, but that one does.