Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Porch Concert...What Could Be Better?

Last night I was so lucky to have been invited to a house concert, hosted by the lovely and talented Deanna. It was held on the porch of her mom's house in the country, about two hours away from where I live. That's not to say that where I live is not the country. We do have a Wal-Mart, though. Look out.

Lauren Zettler and her accompanist Cam opened the evening with an excellent rendition of "Man in the Mirror," and continued with several originals that were just too good. She commented on how pretty the landscape is and how different it is from New York, her stomping grounds. She's so talented and charming.

Next up were The Stellas, most famous for their time on CMT's "Can You Duet?". Marylynne and Brad are a married couple from Canada who just bought a house near Nashville and have been singing for 14 years. They sang many songs, both originals and covers (including a chill-inducing version of "Love Hurts"), and had lots of funny moments of banter. They even said aboot for about. Plus, Marylynne counts Patty Griffin among her favorites. That sealed the deal.

We had a wonderful and low-key time, especially after the sun (and mercury) went down. I probably should've taken up Ann Marie's offer of bug spray, but I skipped it. And today my feet are red and irritated. It was worth it, though. The most.

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