Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Always List: Flip Flops

Usually they're J.Crew.  And there's a good chance I got them on sale.  There's an even better chance I can't remember when I bought them because they last for several summers in a row. 

These are one of the bright spots of my summer because they are easy-on and -off, and they provide mondo ventilation.  Plus, they strike just the right note of 'relaxed'.


  1. I only wear my flipflops at the cottage.
    There's something icky about them in the city. Dirty feet are mondo gross.

    Luckily you live in the sticks. ;)

  2. i dunno. i live in the city and love wearing my flip flops. perfect for running to store or to grab frozen yogurt. i will say that I think some ppl should be banned from wearing them as they are not for everyone. Haha.

  3. oohhhh. No flip flops in public for me unless I am going to the pool or taking the dog out to poo. I am just too prissy, but enjoy your "flippy floppies." Apparently, they are still"in."