Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunny Days...Dreamin' the Day Away...

Summer days are here again.  Almost. 

Memorial Day weekend was excellent and relaxing.  Here's hoping that the rest of this season will follow suit.  Don't forget the SPF, people!

Update: This awesome calendar is from my pal Liz at Linda & Harriett.  You can even cut off the printed bottoms to send as postcards.  Here's the page for her upcoming 2011 calendar.  It's going to be just as spectacular.  Thanks for the compliment, Freck!


  1. Did you make that calendar? Love the font, the month and all the sail boats! :)

  2. Tommy, I just love that calender. Thanks for the link. If it's a decent price, I just may order it! It would definitely lighten up the office!

  3. Nice!! Love her site, she's very talented!