Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Always List: T-shirts

Other than my standard white Hanes crewnecks, which I wear almost every single day, I heavily rely on solid (usually black) T-shirts.  In the winter, it's long-sleeve and usually from the Gap.  They last forever, and when those things go on sale, I just can't help myself.  (Still, I can't bring myself to purge many of those.)

This one's from J.Crew, which also churns out some great Ts, as you may have guessed.  Their garment-dyed ones (green, please) are ace, as my pal Will from Bright.Bazaar might say. 

The summer will usually find me in black, green, or something striped.  I tend to stick with the G. BI part of ROY G. BIV.  No Tuscany for me, please.


  1. Long-sleeved black t-shirts (with some stretch) from the Gap were my uniform for mayn years! With dark jeans and boots. It was sooooo year 2001.

  2. haha re: Jason's comment!

    Yes, this J Crew number looks pretty ace (see what I did there?), Tommy. I like to wear Gap's stretch tee's under their Pima Cotton Jumpers. Bought one in bright yellow just the other day. I love preppy brights.

  3. I love skinny guys in long-sleeved T shirts. They look so comfy and snuggle-able!

  4. I agree with La Bonne!

    You and my best friend have the same style. He has soooooo many of those Gap sweaters for winter and wears solid shirts from Express for every other season. It's simple and cute :)