Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Always List: Fresh Linen

Ok.  You know how much I love a good scent.  And don't shoot, but one of the best ones I know of is Fresh Linen over and Bath & Body Works.  Admittedly, walking into that store is sometimes overwhelming, but this is a little diamond in the rough.  It's been one of my favorites for about ten years, I guess.

The candle is great, and I usually burn one on Sunday nights, for some reason.  I think I'm trying to banish those end-of-weekend blues.  Plus, I tend to change my sheets on Sunday afternoon, so it all conspires to make for a, well, fresh start to the week. 

Alright.  I also bought the spray and the portable scent ring thingy, too, for my car.  It's just really clean without being too flowery or powdery.  Definitely worth a sniff or two.  (And I just realized that my little candle made an appearance on this blog a while back.)


  1. I do exactly the same thing: change my sheets on a Sunday! Funny!

  2. Yes!
    We use the spray as well. Um . . . in the bathroom.

  3. I have that candle on my nightstand! Love it!