Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthdays, Bananas, and Blue Bells

This weekend my cool pal Ann Marie came to town.  Guess what.  It was her birthday.  And we had a really fun time.  It started out with an Italian dinner out and the most delicious (non-Ben-&-Jerry's) ice cream ever.
Whoa.  Up.  It really does taste just like banana pudding and includes vanilla wafers.  Whew.  We showed that bucket a thing or two.  I know I just posted about sweet frozen goodness, but I can't help myself.

On Saturday we headed out to Franklin and stopped by one of the coolest stationery stores ever.  It's called Rock Paper Scissors.  I got to chat up my fellow paper fiend/blog friend Lauren.  (Check out her blog.  It's really stylish and fun.) 

I have another friend's birthday coming up, so I picked up a few stationery items for her.  Despite my best attempts to persuade her otherwise, she's not a blog reader, so the secret is safe here. 

Then Ann Marie and I headed down the street for some cupcakes from Ivey Cake.  She got The Crazy Ex (banana walnut with cream cheese icing), and I picked up a Gold Digger (chocolate with peanut butter icing).  Good call, Lauren! 

The rest of the weekend was a blur of laughing and music and a few more sweet treats.  Times like these make the sometimes irritating days at work completely worth it.  I hope that yours was equally nice.


  1. Hope your day at work got better buddy! I love stationary stores, so will head over to check this out now! P.S. Thanks for email, will replay asap! Will

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

    P.S. When are you joining Twitter? We need to make this happen. Resistance is futile.

  3. Thanks, Will. And Jenn, I am so anti-Twitter! Ann Marie (of this post fame) has been trying to get me on it for years. Ok, months.

    It's like a drug. And I'm pulling a Nancy Reagan.

  4. This is your best blog post to date. Just saying... :)

  5. Glad y'all had fun, however I did not need to know that there is a such thing as, "banana pudding ice cream." That's ridiculous & will be hard to resist. I got my, "Happy Cow" tonight. Banana pudding was not a choice. =o/