Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gobble It Up

So I guess this is pretty much what a fantasy dining room would look like, huh? I like the wall color quite a bit, and even though none of it is particularly autumnal, it made me think of Thanksgiving. That's coming up, you know.

This year will be a little different because I won't be going to my Aunt Laura's house near Reelfoot Lake. She always cooks on Thanksgiving Day--no weekend before or after situations for her. It's all very traditional, and I'm only off work on Thursday. It's ok, though. Missing Thanksgiving will make Christmas all the better. Plus, I have so much to be thankful for right now. (Hmm...I just had a potental next-post idea.)

What are your plans?


  1. I love this dining room too.

    I missed Canadian Thanksgiving, which is quite a bit earlier. But I'm also thinking of things to be thankful of right now, as well as things I want to fulfill in the next year!

  2. I'm hosting my first thanksgiving this year and now that it is less than a week away, Im finding it a bit daunting. I'm excited to have our family visit an so grateful we are back in the states, but I already have a whole new appreciation for the cooks who have been doing this for me for years! BTW, love this dining room inspiration, the colors are beautiful!

  3. Love the dining room! We're going to Martin on Wednesday to apply for more jobs and then to Paris on Thursday. The end!

  4. I tried to leave a comment this weekend, but it obviously didn't work! Anyway, I love that room, it looks very Thanksgiving to me too :)

    (TBF says hi, too!)

  5. Like your title. Two full Thanksgivings on Thursday and trying to cook in this tore up house. Not ideal.