Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scary Antiques and Such

I had a great birthday weekend with my pal Ann Marie! On Saturday we went to Franklin, where they were having some type of Halloween/Fall Festival. Main St. was blocked, and there were kids and adults in costume everywhere.

Chewbacca was even there.

It would be great to be a kid who lives in that area. The shopkeepers were giving out candy; there was kettle corn. Enough said.

Then we stumbled into an antique shop.

I know I just posted a similar picture from the flea market trip last weekend, but a really cool grouping always strikes me and my shutter finger.

One of the booths had this completely awesome lab chair...

...and this even better lab stool.
Apparently, the booth was closing down for good, and there was a sign that said to make an offer. Now I really wish that I had. This is definitely along the lines of my ideal design aesthetic.

It reminds me of a great post recently done by my blog friend Jenn over at Department of the Interior. Check it out sometime.

And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!


  1. i like the first lab chair..i like it alot.

  2. After cking out the referenced post, I understand why you are bummed that you didn't bid on the chair. It could have been your, "punch bowl". ;o)