Monday, November 30, 2009

Season's Fleeting...

My overhead lighting situation is pretty horrid, but that's an upcoming blog post. Please bear with my December calendar image as we get on with the to-do list! :)

1. Buy a few more Christmas cards! What?! How is it even possible that I have run out? Anyone who knows me has probably seen my stash of all makes and models of stationery and paper goods. (Confession: I have tons of cards, but they're still at home-home in the garage. Whoops.)

2. Really finish moving in. I know I just posted this last month, but I do not know where the time goes. It seems like I've had something going on pretty much every weekend since I moved. The weeknights are just...uhh...

3. Stop eating so much junk. Oh my gah. Just wait for another post tomorrow or so. Ugh.

What not-to-do this month?

1. Lose track of time. Ok, so that could go for most any month, but this time of year is especially fleeting. Sending Christmas cards, mailing baked goods, remembering online retailer shipping schedules? Whew.

2. Forget those who are less fortunate. We have an Angel Tree at work, and I have decided to not buy as much for those who don't really need it (you know it's true--I'm included in this list) in favor of spreading a little joy to a child who would otherwise have no gifts at all.

3. Ignore my new music purchases! On Black Friday I logged onto Amazon and scored four new CDs--by Norah Jones, Kings of Leon, The Swell Season, and Rachel Yamagata--for about $4-$6 each. I was pumped and can't wait for them to get here. Plus, I need to break out the Christmas tunes. :)

Have a wonderful December, everyone! Thanks for reading!


  1. Great list! I share a lot of your recurring resolutions (junk-eating - check!) I also have a lighting issue in my bedroom and hopefully a solution is coming soon! Don't forget to enjoy your month too! I felt myself becoming overwhelmed tonight and just stopped what I as doing and took some deep breaths. Very important!

  2. You can't tell yourself to eat less junk right now!! It's the holidays, the junk is everywhere (and delicious)! I need to create a similar to do list...

  3. Rachel Yamagata is one of my all-time favourites. Amazing.

  4. I'm marking things off my to do list, not because they are getting done but because I know there is no way in holy heck it's gonna happen. Just yesterday I mentally marked off Christmas cards. Hope you fare better with your list.